What is gingivectomy used for?

Gingivectomy was originally developed to treat periodontal disease but nowadays it is used more commonly for
cosmetic procedures. You may have to remove your gum tissue for two reasons

  • There are gaps or pockets that have formed between your teeth and your gums. These pockets will trap food particles, harbour colonies of bacteria, and make it difficult for you to clean. If the pockets only involve soft tissues then these gaps may be removed by simply trimming the gums through gingivectomy
  • There is too much gum tissue for your teeth. Aside from cosmetic reasons, too much gum tissue for your teeth will make it hard for you to keep your mouth clean. In severe situations, this condition can interfere with the way you eat and the way you talk.

What is gingivoplasty used for?

Reshaping your gums through gingivoplasty could make your gums look more natural. The gingivoplasty procedure could be used to correct asymmetrical gums, badly formed gums, diseased gums, genetically malformed gu
ms, trauma, or for purely cosmetic purposes. Gingivoplasty is usually done alone although it can also be done after a gingivectomy or a gum graft.

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